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if i were depressed, i would simply shitpost about tech debt all day long......o w

I hate that I'm hyping, both, something Oracle did AND jumping on the "write it in rust" meme train

I know, Oracle is the devil, but getting some interesting results with Railcar

I really do this and it's the biggest liability to any team that I'm on lol

How do gamers have like these machines that cost more than all of my previous computers combined? Is it a lifestyle?

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mid-2000s internet culture was the fucking best, people pretended they believed in the weirdest, stupidest shit and it was awesome

today on hacker news lol this is why no one can take tech workers seriously, these brain geniuses being like "wow curious that you have this reaction to my different [okay with corporations killing people as a function of their proudct] morals"; its like they dont want to deal with the fact that they probably also contribute to things killing people lol

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bad guy by billie eilish but instead of 'duh' it's waluigi going 'waaaaaaaah'

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Hi and welcome to my channel TheUncircumcisedGamer, don't forget to like comment and subscribe

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Working a lot with Windows Core lately and I'm not happy about it that I like it so much

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music increases in quality by a factor of 40% when it can be said to have a "composer"

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