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if i were depressed, i would simply shitpost about tech debt all day long......o w

it's partly my fault for designing my networks the way I did, so overall, still way easier than it would've been with old go-tos

been fighting iptables like it's 2009 for the past week trying to get this new colo space configured just the way I like it lol wireguard is some truly tremendously wonderful software, but holy shit this aspect is wild

I was reminded of this bullshit recently lol man, fuck dennis kucinich

I literally never did shitty work a day in my life (because my life depended on it) until I worked at a place so at odds with my values that I couldn't justify it (I realized later), and it informed every decision I'd made since, including realizing the choices I made out of desperation. Maybe it's time I made a change of discipline, within my field, I don't know.

I NEVER do video calls, but for them, I do it gladly. It's bizarre to feel like someone WANTS to talk to me lol I'm realizing I had a missed opportunity recently with a coworker like this, but there's been a way, so I'm okay with it.

I made a new friend who likes the Twitter DMs as a messenger, so I've been 100% consumed by the hellsite, and I hate it, but I love how good this friendship has been for my mental health

Any of y'all going to DevOpsDays Boston? I'll be speaking on Tuesday but arriving at like 2pm today so if anyone wants to hang!

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sir, I regret to inform you that your actions were extremely valid, and that I am left with no choice... but to stan

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Futures trading is literally just algorithms shouting at each other until something very specific happens and then confirming the transaction.

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I want to see a world where we no longer center software developers in our endeavors. Where "source code" is no longer our main concern. GitHub created a world where we take source code for granted. Let's keep doing that!

Now stop taking for granted the labor that requires.

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Shout out to every meetup and conference organizer. Every collaborator who jumps into issue trackers and constantly answers questions. Every docs writer. Every person crafting and scaling project processes. Every person who QAs (pre-!)releases as they go out.

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It's time we stop fussing about source code.

It's time to start fussing about the incredible range of humans that have always made it possible.

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Shout out to every woman who's had to make a post about "you guys" language. Every ESL speaker who has had to launch their own localization effort. Every disabled person who's had to remind maintainers about a11y. Every Black person who's had to deal with "master/slave" language

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Here's the real lesson from DS9 for how to deal with our current political climate

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mandatory circumcision under socialism

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