I don't know what Kubernetes is and, at this point in my career, I'm too afraid to ask.

@jmarhee it's that thing we called a hot pile that one time

Our little division at work doesn't use it, at least not yet. One of the recent hires came from a company that transitioned from their previous environment on AWS to Kubernetes on AWS. Then they transitioned back because it was costing 10x for the same level of throughput.

@mike As a longtime Kubernetes professional: using it on AWS is a fucking joke. If it's not on bare metal, your scale probably doesn't require it.

@mike I'm on my fourth IaaS provider job, and this is getting out of control the things dev evangelists have convinced consumers they actually have any business using

I don't know what scale level his previous employer had.

We were bought a few years ago, and at the time were running 20+ big iron DB physical nodes plus a few dozen pretty run of the mill web server VMs. I bet when we migrate the DBs to AWS all hell breaks loose when the execs get the bill. We have 50+TB of data and queries hit big sections of it very hard.

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