good to know: the serial console over ssh won't render properly if im in a tmux session lol explains a lot

@jmarhee picoterm, always for serial work, no wrappers.

@jmarhee you can thank @cloud for that :)

they got me doing serial about this time last year w/ that pfsense rig i built.

@chuck I was all stressed about it because, unlike the normal SmartOS installer, the Triton headnode/compute node wrapper for the installer isn't text-based lol so my tmux settings make the graphical part load all wonky

@jmarhee that is -the worst- when it eats the modeline shit (i think thats what its called, hell i forget)

and it like, draws abstract art and just blinks at the prompt like "sup bro, gonna install? :thonking: "

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