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having your own instance is like living at the bottom of a well, and the federated timeline is the foot traffic walking by the opening of the well, and im chuckling at the bottom to feel included in society

lord forgive me but mastodon has turned me into a reply guy

money is literally all fake, the very idea of currency, so i have no idea why this even bothers me so much, beyond the hit to my performative interest in retiring one day

I was managing my portfolio with automated tools I'd built myself, and it was a lot less stressful (and higher performing) when I was only doing that. I manually intervened (for the first time in my fund's history) to participate in a recent IPO that I was interested in, that my bot would not have otherwise invested in, and ever since, it's cursed my advantage over the last 2 years.

holy shit what a hassle the config for inspircd is

Set up irc on so c'mon over

killing this stupid ass slack i created, spinning up an irc server because i cant stand slack when i dont have to be there

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ALAN MOORE: I am SO MAD about people using my characters in a way I wouldn’t approve of!!! Now, read my comic where Harry Potter shoots lightning out of his dick

There's a reason there's Solaris apologists in 2019, but virtually no VMWare defenders even in real time lol

If I thought I'd be spending this much of my career obsessing about technology I hated and legitimately think sucks, I'd have packed it in last year. I've spent the last 4 years trying to do less of that, and more on shit I think is good and useful only to spend more time than ever evangelizing a tool I hate and a maintainer (let's face it, it's not really OSS unless you work for the caval of Cool Vendors) I think couldn't be further up its own ass.

I have an ultra-wide curved display, and now I want a second one I can make vertical, but then I have to decide which I'm going to sacrifice to watch The Drew Carey Show on while I work on side projects.

Before you ask: yes, it was the fake woke gaslight factory.

I worked at a place on Pacific time and I worked Central, routinely had shit scheduled for like 7 or 8 pm when folks in office were shutting down but I'd moved on with my life, or like at noon as people were coming into work on the west coast. Fucking worst shitty way to get people to exceed the 40 hours you are literally only paying for with salaried employees.

Idea for remote companies spanning a known number of timezones: block out 12p to 1p for all these timezones regardless of which you're in. Let your people eat lunch, Jesus.

harassment bs 

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Hate patent trolls? We're asking for your help: join @marcmaron, and tell Congress that more bad patents won't help.

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garfield hentai anti-fascist hellscape