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Going onto twitter to see which blue checkmark is pining for Goerge W because of his gravitas on this day 18 years ago

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zoo enclosure sign says "do not fave the shitposters"

A weird thing about Terraform 0.12's changes to HCL is that it had every reason to make plans better/more testable, but actually had the opposite effect in the one project where I use these features extensively (packet-k3s vs. one where I do not, packet-multiarch-k8s)--it made my implementation extremely opinionated about architecture, as a function of buying into the new features, which (imo) somewhat misses the point of Terraform.

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shitposty toot, probably not worth the expand 

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Redrafted for pol cw 

Happy "last time I was out in public without answering for my ethnicity to strangers" day

I want to be alive, but I have a very narrow vision of what makes life worth living.

I'm tired, y'all, sick of new entrants to the field telling me how to feel about contributing to, in another universe, my own demise. If not me, personally, someone who could just as easily have been me.

It's tough when literally no one wants you there, and "there" doesn't actually exist anymore

One of these days, I'm going to just lose my shit and idk w/e

drunk + tooting (in the digital, but also very physical--because i ate sunchips- sense)

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On the real though I’m about to be hit with some overdraft fees harder than the planes hit the towers #9/11

The irony of my tech career is that the worst jobs I've ever had (in a life that included a lot of physical and emotional safety issues), I met coworkers who became, at least as I see it, friends. One of these days, I want to be in a position to repay that friendship. I have high hopes for good outcomes for all of us, and I won't stop until I, either, die or I see this through.

yes i know d is a thing, but my point stands, got 30 years of missed opportunities to explain

pulled the trigger, deactivated twitter, can't do it anymore, my professional identity has finally lost to the 'sperglord that runs my consciousness

midwesterners be like "ope just gonna sneak past ya" while im trying to use a toilet at hyvee

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garfield hentai anti-fascist hellscape